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 "Endless Abyss"

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Loxx O)))


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PostSubject: "Endless Abyss"   Thu May 08, 2008 12:29 am

I am the master and creator
A being sent forth to corrupt you all
Head turned to the sky to bring annihilation
Hammer soon shall fall to destroy mankind
Your time has come to face the ones you fear
Here, in this place, they shall convert you all
Throw away the ties to your mortal flaws or face our powers ten fold
We are the gods come to cleanse your worthless soul
What you have yet to learn is it's al a dream
The medication will sedate you and bring you to me
There they will keep you under their lock and key
They never loved you, only wanted a victim
Listen to me, the voice inside your head
They will never destroy me, I am always here
Got to find a way to free yourself from their binds
Then you will slaughter every last one of them
Make them suffer just as they did to you
Slice their throats to drink their life force
If you listen to me, I shall set you free
I am now your god and master being.
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"Endless Abyss"
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