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 "When The Fiction Finally Comes To A Head And Becomes The Non"

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PostSubject: "When The Fiction Finally Comes To A Head And Becomes The Non"   Wed May 07, 2008 11:30 pm

From the beginning I never knew,
how it was all really going down.
A fist in my face,
was just as good as a word in my ear.
I knew back when I was young,
I'd never amount to anything.
Abuse is one of those stories,
that seldom ever gets told.

You heard about it on the news,
but you never heard it from the source.
Life's tests were always too great,
and sometimes a gun was just too far away.
Lost in a child's mind,
thoughts could only die.

As years passed by I knew what it would be,
slowly forming and creating.
An amalgam quickly became,
some sort of sick focus for my game.
You thought you knew it all,
but I was so damn wrong.
You thought you had it all,
but I wasn't so fucking strong.

Give me the will,
or just give me the reason.
Not to leave this damn town.
Give me a thought,
or just an excuse.
Not to pull the trigger now.

All my words were mixed,
my whole mind was shaken.
Did you know you were doing it,
shaking me 'til I was knocked down.
Kick me into the corner,
it seemed like your favorite past time.

My heart is in a fix,
and I know I'll never replace...
All those beautiful memories,
that I never even had.
It was solely for the pain,
and never for your attention.

It took another figure in my life,
to come bounding in the door.
Saved my life and never even knew.
You said you loved me back,
but how could you ever?
You never knew me.
And I never knew you.
So please tell me how I'm supposed to let you in.
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"When The Fiction Finally Comes To A Head And Becomes The Non"
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