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 Anybody remember Ne Obliviscaris?

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PostSubject: Anybody remember Ne Obliviscaris?   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:06 pm

The Australian "prog-black metal" band that was famous for remaining unsigned for as long as they did despite having really good material? They made best-of lists in 2007 with just a 3-song demo. I remember I really liked it when it first came out. Going back I don't think it's as amazing, but I still dig it. Wouldn't you know it though they got signed and put out a proper album last year and it's not anywhere near as good as the demo lol. It's still pretty decent though. I will say that the drumming is better, but other than that it's just not quite as impressive as the demo. Listen to the whole album here if you want:

Anyway Blood Music is putting out vinyl of both the demo and new album.
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Anybody remember Ne Obliviscaris?
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