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 Hey Barrel and probably nobody else

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PostSubject: Hey Barrel and probably nobody else   Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:31 pm

Two shows coming up at Gilman worth paying attention to:

Don't know any bands besides Ceremony, and I still say their new shit is god awful, but maybe they can still do a good set. I didn't go to that Sacramento show, my ride wasn't excited about it and I wasn't really either so we just said fuck it.

I can't remember you ever saying anything about the band one way or another, but I love Atriarch and they put on an amazing show. Their new stuff is really good, too. Plus Worm Ouroboros may well be one of the best live bands and just best bands in general of all time, as everynbody who's not a retard would know. $8, at Gilman and on a Saturday? Must attend.

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Hey Barrel and probably nobody else
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