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 Molotov Solution

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PostSubject: Molotov Solution   Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:36 pm

I've gotten out of deathcore completely as most people probably noticed, but this band has made one of the best deathcore albums out there without being technical, progressive, or anything like that. It seems like everyone in the band has really improved with their instruments.

Saw them live years ago and wasn't impressed, but this new stuff blows all that out of the water. Went to see them the other day and the show was shut down before they even played Mad

what to expect:a lot of breakdowns, some melodic riffing, really downtuned guitars, lots of groove, some meshuggah influence, some noise influence, anti-religion/political/government/conspiracy theory based lyrics

Give them a chance. You might like them or you might only waste a few minutes.

edit: also I really like Grindesign's artwork. They usually do a pretty good job
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Molotov Solution
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