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 Lox's K-Pop sampler thread brought to you by bl00g3.

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PostSubject: Lox's K-Pop sampler thread brought to you by bl00g3.   Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:33 pm

So wall of text only goes so far. Some times you gotta use your ears to see what you like. So I made this thread to put some K-Pop songs from the bands I suggested.


(There is also the "street" version of this video if you want to see it. Tongue )

After School

- This one is a collaboration/commercial for AMOLED phones/ song Tongue

Brown Eyed Girls



Girls' Generation

- This is kind of like a sampler of the album they put on the album so it gives you a good preview of the album. Tongue

Wonder Girls


Miss A

And that's it. Hope that was enough. Tongue
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Lox's K-Pop sampler thread brought to you by bl00g3.
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