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 Secrets - short story

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PostSubject: Secrets - short story   Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:20 pm

First one I've done in years. Dunno... the idea popped into my head and I just wrote it real quick in a few minutes.

My steps clanked loudly with clips for a 9mm pistol filling each of my pockets. Two 9mm pistols were gripped in my hands tightly as I strode down the emptied hall. Faces gazed from the windows in the doors as I passed.

About halfway down the current hall, I turned to face the door. Everyone at the window scattered, ducking for cover. It was no use to check the handle because all the doors and surely been locked once they became aware of my presence. In one swift motion, I thrust my foot into the door near the handle. With a loud crack, the door frame broke with the door flying open.

In a few strides, I made my way to the elderly woman crouching behind a desk. She was crying. I raised one pistol to her forehead. “Now is the time to pray to whatever God you believe in. Just know that nothing can save you now.” Her eyes fall slightly before bringing them back to mine. With a cool smile and a slight nod, I pull the trigger.

Blood lightly sprays my hand and her lifeless body tumbles backward. Many teenagers cower in the room as I bring my gaze around to them all. “I’m not here for you. Stay out of my way and you’re fine.”

“Why… why are you doing this?” One of them, a very young blonde girl meekly whimpers.

“My own reasons. It would do you well to mind your own business in this matter.” My voice flows calmly from my throat. A swift turn and I’m quickly pacing back from the room.

Gunshots from a distant hall and I shake my head. I turn to face the direction the gunshots continue to ring from and jog slowly. He’s a maniac. And absolute maniac. You might say we’re both insane, but we’ve got our reasons. Mine are strictly vindictive and righteous in my own warped view. He simply wants chaos to rain down on everyone around him. When he found out what was going to happen, he had to be included. I wish he’d never have known.

People are running towards me, with the eyes turned backwards. When a few of the stop mid run, they all come to a halt as they find out what the problem is. They’re thinking it’s now hopeless for them. In their minds, they’ve been caught and they’re going to die.

“Go.” I say weakly.

They hesitate. They think it’s just a game to me. A trap.

“Really. Go. I’m not going to hurt you.”

A few of them give wary glances at each other before taking off down the hall around me. They keep their distance as they pass. Many of them crying. A few of them are bloody.

Now there is screaming. And laughter. I head towards the open room.

There he is. Standing over a girl. Now naked. She’s screaming and begging for her life at the same time. His sawed off shotgun pointed at her chest. Yelling and laughing at her to do obscene things.


He turns his head to me and laughs. “Come on. This little bitch is just about to give us the show of her life.” More laughter.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Again he laughs when he turns his head to catch my gaze. “Live a little. Fuck, man!”

I walk into the room and she tries to crawl away. He shoots her left forearm. It explodes in a light cloud of blood and she begins to scream and cry even louder. “God damn it. Cut this fucking shit out!”

“What’s your problem? Having second thoughts?” He looks down at the girl and kicks her in the temple. She falls, whimpering. She’s losing a lot of blood and almost dead. She’s extremely pale now and barely making a sound.

“No. Would you quit acting like a fucking maniac?”

“Hey, this was your plan!”

“No. This was not my god damn plan. You fucking know that. My plan was to target and execute. What the hell did this girl ever do to you? Turn you down for sex? Wouldn’t go on a date with you?”

He laughs. “Fuck right man! I don’t know who this little slut is. I think she’s some dumb little freshman bitch.”

“God fucking damn it. Get a grip. Don’t fuck this up.”

“Yeah, yeah… We‘re in this together, bro.” He shakes his head. Raises his shotgun and puts it to the back of her head. A loud boom and the sound of splintering bone and brains spraying the floor.

I turn away from him. A nauseous feeling rising in me. He walks around me towards the door. I take a few steps to catch up with him.

I reach out, wrap my arm around his throat and pull him towards me. He laughs slightly and I tighten my grip. He starts to get a worried look on his face. “What the fuck, man?”

“Let’s get a few things straight. We are not in this together. We are not executing the same plan. And I’m not your fucking bro.” I let go of him and push him away from me.

“Jeez. Fuck me. Alright, alright.”

“One other thing?”


“You just made my fucking list.” With one quick motion, I saw his eyeball explode and the round eject from my pistol. It seemed to happen in slow motion. As his body fell, my eyes turned to the pistol in my hand as I lowered it.

Turning back to the room, I took one last glance at my naked sister lying dead on the floor. This isn’t right.
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PostSubject: Secrets - short story    Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:07 am

"You have to promise that you will not tell a soul!" Emma cried, eyes wide open. She trusted me. As her best friend, how could I let her down? As her best friend, I should not tell anyone, but this one was big.

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Loxx O)))


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PostSubject: Re: Secrets - short story   Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:25 am

Shut the fuck up.
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PostSubject: Re: Secrets - short story   Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:53 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Secrets - short story   

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Secrets - short story
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