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PostSubject: Deteriorate   Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:46 am

Subjugation, now a worldwide phenomena
Take to the streets, take to the nights
Tonight it's set on fire
Our world is ablaze
I'll take my stand, this is the culmination
This is the game I have created
I am the only one who doesn't get out alive
A slave to what I have created
An essence, a defect, something to make me perfect

The haze lifts, it trails from my lips
Parted; sweet, sweet sorrow
A symphony of delight
Tales left to speak but in utter silence
Silenced forever by the beckoning call
I'll have my will and I'll have my way
Subjugated by the very thing I have created

Carbon fibered savior
Let it ring out in the night
Explosions in the sky
Escaping from hands held out, hands held close
Let freedom go, and beckon a new age
The age of apocalypse and the age of reason

Deteriorate in the night
Halogens expose all plans
A secret held deep left for no one
No one hears the siren song tonight
It's a purpose and it's a reason
Help those that need it and dispose of the weak
The ill-willed, or the useless
Stake your claim and accept the outcome
Lay waste to the human condition tonight
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