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» Ask Abs
Wed May 24, 2017 12:35 am by Abnormal Freak

» Cataloging music and movies
Wed May 10, 2017 9:32 am by Hollow_Viscus

» Stardust VI
Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:48 am by RespawnedDemon

» Hell finally on CD...???
Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:48 pm by roughdraft_zero

» My NES games
Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:06 pm by jthefrank

» Lair of the White Worm
Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:44 pm by Abnormal Freak

» 1/2 off 24-hour flash sale
Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:33 pm by Abnormal Freak

» Phenomena
Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:32 pm by Abnormal Freak

» 3/4 of Agalloch reunites to form new band with Aaron Gregory in Haughm's place
Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:26 am by Loxx O)))

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Loxx O)))
Abnormal Freak
Dead on Arrival
Stardust VI
Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:48 am by RespawnedDemon
Hey guys, long time no post. Anywho, I am thinking of going to one day of this fest and I'm not familiar with that many of these bands. Which day do you guys think is best? I've always wanted to see Dispirit, and I really like the new Blood Incantation album so Friday might be a good choice. But Sunday is a longer day and Absu is playing, which is a big incentive. Plus I've heard good things …

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Hell finally on CD...???
Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:14 pm by roughdraft_zero

Didn't even know that Pesanta had any sort of social media presence, but apparently they do, same for Grey Sun Records. Just found out about both of these last night when my wife was cruisin her instagram and found this stuff. Cool things on there that I otherwise wouldn't know about, being somebody who visits (only) their webshops and blogs almost daily. …

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3/4 of Agalloch reunites to form new band with Aaron Gregory in Haughm's place
Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:59 pm by roughdraft_zero
It's being made absolutely clear that it's not meant to be an Agalloch reunion, just that the fellows three from Agalloch didn't feel that they were done making music together, so in comes Aaron (from Giant Squid, in case you didn't know).

Aaron's not at all a black metal vocalist, and I don't anticipate him trying to be one, so I'm thinking and hoping this could be a unique melding of a few …

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Agalloch split
Fri May 13, 2016 8:40 pm by roughdraft_zero

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This is satire, right?
Sat May 07, 2016 5:00 am by Abnormal Freak
Nice tittiez doe

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Anybody remember Twilight Falls//Bleak?
Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:18 am by roughdraft_zero
I made this post on ign (lol) four years ago (I think only Shrike or Loxx would even be capable of remembering or caring). Homie from those bands created Stellar Descent a few years ago. It's the same idea: lo-fi, minimalist, raw and energized nature-worshipping black metal with some folky stuff mixed in, though it of course benefits from experience and chops-polishing. It's really ambitious top …

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We need to talk about how awesome Ghost Bath is.
Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:14 pm by Shrike
Just listen to this god damned hook:

It's like Torn Beyond Reason with extra pop sensibilites.

Can't believe I missed these guys. Funeral is an awesome album as well.

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Atavist, please help
Sun Dec 06, 2015 7:44 pm by Loxx O)))
Jesus... I lost all my Atavist stuff and I'd really like to listen to them right about now. All the shit I'm finding online no longer exists or no seeds. At one point I had uploaded their entire discography onto a TDA blogspot... but that shit is gone now.

Would be awesome if someone had their albums. roughdraft?

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Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:53 pm by Abnormal Freak
I haven't followed these guys after Smile, what's new, what's good? I know they had two albums out at one time, are there sny others, and why wass one called Heavy Rocks wtfbro there alreadfy was one.

It would be quicker to look this shiz yp on Wikipedia but I wanna talk about deez guys and my left indfex fingers is bandaged so excuse the typos, it's not due to fat fingers guys.

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